1aLaunch Marketing Strategies
Product & Services Launch Planning, Project Management, Event Launch Management, Pitch Presentation Decks, Consulting & Strategic Guidance.

2aSocial Media Strategies
Social Media Planning, Weekly Content Roadmaps, Strategic Guidance, Engagement Tactics, Cohesive Visual Branding & Social Cover Images.

3aWebsite Development
Full service site development, visual design and branding, analytical tracking, social media integration and optimization.

Digital Ad Banners, Print Ads, Outdoor, Experiential (Event + Booth Designs), App Elements & Branding

5aDigital & Print Design
Corporate Logos, Premium Press Kits, Brochures, Viral Postcards, Infographics, Screenshots

6aVideo Production
Game Trailers, Product and Kickstarter Pitch videos, Animated Logo Sequences, Team Interview Videos


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Average customer attention span for your video.Proven Fact: This is 1 second less than a Goldfish!

% of 18-29 yr olds active on social media vs adults 65yrs & over

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authorChris Ansell is the founder of Ansell Creative Group, a digital marketing consultancy specializing in launch marketing strategy, creative branding, video production, social media marketing and consulting. Prior to successfully launching ACG, Chris built his international career launching some of the world’s most beloved entertainment products for Sony, ZeniMax Online, Activision Blizzard, Radical Entertainment and Vivendi.

Chris and his team bring over 40 years of global marketing experience to your next big launch. Truly remarkable marketing is derived from an intimate first-hand knowledge of your product or service first. With a passion for clear process and a tight-knit collaborative approach, get in touch with Chris today and fully realize your global launch goals.


Chris did such an amazing job with the marketing for Prototype 2. I saw both fan and media’s opinions change from indifference into P2 becoming on many most anticipated lists.

Mark Acero

Lead Designer – Ubisoft

Chris can be best described as a chaotic genius with a side of awesome sauce. His marketing acumen is off the charts – he’s simply one of the best in the industry.

Dave Fracchia

Professor – Centre for Digital Media

 Chris is also a great asset to any production team. His knowledge on a variety of game genres and his instincts on the ever changing market conditions helped shape some of what we added to the game.

Paul Pawlicki

Senior Producer – Ubisoft

Chris is one of the most passionate game marketers that I’ve ever met. He is filled with creativity and importantly knows how to get the job done.

Doug McCracken

Marketing Director – Riot Games

His mind is always running at 110 gigahertz, he’s way ahead of the pack in spotting trends, strategizing, seeing opportunities and openings, and along with all that, he’s funny and fun to work with. From the high level of managing teams, to the micro hands on work he does, Chris is a superstar. Don’t pass up the chance to work with him. 

Kirsten Forbes

Game Director – Roadhouse Interactive

He is one of those guys that steps in any situation, any meeting, any environment good or bad and leaves everyone in his presence with awe and wanting to buy in and make something bigger and better.

Ryan Lacina

Senior Manager – Activision

Chris Ansell is one of the most energized, enthusiastic and creative marketers/leaders I’ve had the pleasure to work along side in my tenured career doing PR in the video game industry.

Maclean Marshall

Director of Communications – Turtle Beach

Chris is one the smartest and most savvy marketing and PR people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only does clearly know his chosen area of expertize inside out, he also approaches it with an immensely infectious energy and enthusiasm.

Matt Armstrong

Design Director – Electronic Arts

I have incredible respect for Chris, he is so invested and cares deeply about his work.  You would benefit ten fold having Chris on your team. You would be foolish to turn him away.

Jasbir Roopra

Operations & QA Manager. United Front Games

Chris is the most passionate person I have ever had the opportunity to work with. His experience, knowledge and love of the industry is second to none. His ideas are cutting edge and continue to push the game development team/project to new heights.

Gerald Sombilon

Lead Animator – Gumi Canada

Chris is simply the best marketing director I’ve ever known. A progressive thinker, always looking beyond the cutting edge, he exudes enthusiasm and optimism, enlisting his co-workers’ best efforts through his innate soft skills. Definitely a must-have for any marketing department.

Marcin Chady

Managing Director – Digital Scapes

Chris Ansell is one of the most knowledgableDirector’s of Marketing in the gaming industry… He just get’sit !!!

Steven Rosenbaum

Creative Director – Head of Games at The Picture Production Company

His ability to energise local country teams and develop unique and effective marketing solutions to some of the biggest opportunities and challenges in the region is outstanding. Having worked in Europe, Asia, USA and Canada, he is an exceptional custodian for any entertainment brand with serious global ambitions.

Mark Warburton

C-Level Business Leader – Asia Pacific